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Some years back, I remember how easy it was to start a business. While some were busy chasing after good grades in secondary school, some added business to the ought-to-be quest. At that time, one of my friends was selling stationery. The business was moving faster because you’d always see a student who needed a pen to write at every point; I’m always looking for a second pen.

These days, you see people with mighty plans but executing them seems like a narrow entrance that can’t allow everyone access.

The new-normal and components to watch out for

According to a study, the coronavirus came with an economic tremor, affecting developing economies. I know you want to tell me about Covid 19 and how the rate of unemployment has hit a saturation point. You’re right. But does this or should this limit the achievement of businesses so drastically?

In short, having a third eye is subjecting the mind to other viable options around you. It goes on to explain how you can think outside the “box” and own the “box.”


My friend Samuel blends perfectly with the maxim “know little about everything” a lot. As sweet as it seems, this act has a way of making you unfocused on what matters. He would study programming, watch videos on digital marketing, and want to learn cryptocurrency simultaneously. I mean, inside one head?

Unarguably, this helped him a lot until he saw the need to take each step at a time. Do you want to know what I told him about concentration and the need to have someone, a friend, or a mentor that puts you in check?

Here are the 7 things I told him

  1. You cannot be everywhere and make a real impact everywhere: I know a lot of people who are into so many things, but I don’t know anyone who is everywhere and is best at everything in “everywhere” unless you have three heads on your neck.
    • Are you still in the habit of jumping from a business venture to another just because your friend posted his business’ success story?
    • Do you expect to have in 1 month what he gathered in 4 years?
    • Would you rather be good at a thing, carve a niche for yourself or be everywhere undulating like a lifeless body on a tree branch?
  1. Shorten your learning curve: this is where the third eye comes in, a mentor or someone you trust their advice. One of my mentors usually say

“always learn to shorten your learning curve by a reasonable amount so that whatever will take you 6months to learn can be achieved in lesser months”.

Lawal Babatunde

Of course, that depends on your strong will to achieve your goals.

It might be in your business, school, or any dispensation at all. Always try to get what works faster in anything, but that doesn’t negate getting to know the basics of the subject in question.


    • Who is your mentor?
    • What would you employ in your business to shorten your learning curve and enjoy what the means bring?
    • What do you plan to do differently to achieve your business vision?
    • What do you want to invest in to bring you the needed experience to keep your head above water?
    • What do you think you’d achieve facing a definite cause or few things at a time?
  1. Just relax, declutter your mind, and I’ll see you some other time. That’s the third eye.

And yes, I love you too.

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