9 Reasons Why You Should Have A Website For Your Business in 2022

9 Reasons Why You Should Have A Website For Your Business in 2022

“A website is like an open window,  through which your business can be made visible to the world.”

Amit Kalantri

With the demands of technology and the need for businesses to have an online presence, what’s probable? This question redirects the attention to current business models, practices, and how best to leverage their marketable options. As a business keeps progressing, there is an urgent and consistent need to equip it with trends and what’s working at that moment to take economic advantage.

Today, some businesses get leads through their online presence, earning them a contract or a long-term collaboration. Online presence for your business might be the next big thing for your business if handled the right way. This goes beyond having a redundant website but being known, visible online, and knowing how to leverage this to get more leads. Imagine someone looking for one of the services you offer, and they got to your business through an online search – this is what an online presence is all about.

According to Fundera, “up to 36% of small businesses do not have a website at all. 17% of small businesses do not have a mobile-friendly website. Many companies fail to benefit from online sales and digital marketing.”

This analysis says a lot about the pool of opportunities a lot of small businesses today are wasting away.

  • Have your customers, audience, or prospects ever asked for your business or brand website before?
  • Have you ever been asked to build a solid online presence for your brand?

Perhaps, you have heard or had little information about a business or brand website, but you are not yet convinced why you should have one. Continue reading this to have more knowledge and reasons to have a website for your brand or business.

What is a Brand/Business Website?

A brand or business website is an online platform that provides an excellent foundation, impression, and awareness for your business and brand.

It is solely created to convert, communicate, and persuade customers, prospects, or visitors to patronize services a brand offers. It is also a platform connecting brands with potential customers.

A brand website mainly depicts an overview of your brand and what you sell, engaging prospects and customers. Building an online awareness for your brand, regardless of industry, will tremendously impact your sales if you consider all other factors that make a business visible online.

“The main purpose of a business website is to bring a visitor who brings another visitor.”

Frank MichaeL

Most customers and prospects find it challenging and stressful talking with sellers online; they prefer to visit the brand website, check out their products, and make a purchase, which increases sales and revenue generation for a brand.

If you do not create a platform for your brand, you are bound to lose as many as possible prospects and customers.

Robison Charles said, ” In this current century, a business website can generate such a high revenue that a factory cannot generate.”

Type of Website for Brands and Business

Different websites are ideal, suitable, and advantageous to specific businesses, depending on the industry and the target audience. Businesses must build their websites to serve one purpose or various purposes.

1. E-commerce

An e-commerce website is one of the most common websites often built by companies and large business organizations.

The sole purpose of an e-commerce website is to sell products, goods, and services to customers all day round (24/7). One could compare it to a virtual store, where customers shop in a virtual cart, place their orders, and make payments through an online gateway.

An example of a big e-commerce website is Amazon.

2. Portfolio Website

A portfolio website is mainly used by brands that sell creative services. A portfolio website is created and designed to show past works or completed projects your brand has executed.

It also shows customers’ reviews, exhibits your art, and details how interested customers can contact or reach out to your brand.

This type of website is mainly used by professionals who sell their skills like; Writers, graphic designers, artists, photographers, freelancers, and others.

The website must appear very professional, the tone of conversation must be formal and attractive.

Information about your personal life will be limited.

3. Branding Website

A branding website helps customers get more information about your brand, the products, and the service it offers.

The primary purpose of a branding website is to make prospects and customers get familiar or acquainted with your brand (creates brand awareness).

It is mainly employed by brands that sell organic creams, skincare products, and others.

4. Lead Generation

As its name implies, the sole purpose is to capture and generate leads for your brand.

Lead generation websites for brands bring prospects into a sales funnel; it also helps develop a deep relationship with customers and visitors and creates more opportunities for brand owners.

The most common type of lead generation website is the landing page.

A landing page is mainly sponsored by ads, which brings visitors to view your page and persuades them to purchase your products.

The landing page also allows information, mainly the email addresses of visitors, to be collected, thereby generating leads and prospects for your brand.

5. Booking website

A booking website is a type of business website that allows customers and brand owners to choose an appointment date.

A booking website makes it easier for appointments to be made without sending mail or phone calls.

A booking website is hard to manage because you must update your availability constantly; customers check your availability and book an appointment. Massage therapists, salons, therapists, consultants, and others commonly use a booking website.

6. Blog

A blog is an online platform built to sell your brand’s products and services to the world via writing.

It involves creating well-curated content (articles and blog posts, images, or videos) that depicts your products and services’ advantages, features, and use.

Share your content on social media and use sponsored ads to promote your blog content.

It requires having a little knowledge in content marketing and advertising to help generate more leads and convert as many as possible visitors and prospects.

Reasons Why You Should Have a Website For Your Business


One of the main factors that bring about more sales, referral, recommendation, and brand recognition is credibility.

Having a website for your brands brings about credibility as a legitimate and trustworthy brand.

It also creates an avenue for you to stand out amidst your competitors offering or selling products and services similar to yours and build a good impression on your existing customers and prospects.

 A well-designed brand or business website with quality content and information attracts and easily converts visitors, customers, and prospects.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is essential in every business; customers, prospects, or visitors who stumbled on your website must have an overview of knowledge about the services offered by your brand before leaving.

It helps to establish your brand name, what you do, what you represent, and also increases the chances of your prospects patronizing your brand.

If your website is Search Engine Optimized, your website pops up when customers search to purchase your services on search engines; your brand will experience a high turnover with a healthy SEO-optimised website.

24 Hours Daily sales

Amit Kalantri once said, “A website can make money for you while you are asleep.”

A brand website is always active 24 hours a day; customers can visit, shop, cart, and make their purchase at any hour of the day.

When there is nobody to interact with customers, programmed chatbots (Artificial intelligence) will communicate, answer their questions, and provide information for your customers.

Grow Your Business And Make More Sales

Research shows that 60% of customers regard brands without websites as untrustworthy and incredible.

80% of brands and your fellow competitors have a website to showcase their products to customers, giving them an edge over you.

Building a solid online presence via a website is a strategy adopted by business owners.

A website will convert prospects with a bit of persuasion, grow your business, and bring about more recommendations.

Saves Time And Improves Customers Service

Prospects or existing customers often have questions regarding your product and services, which they may have to send by email or via phone call, which may not be in your hours of operation.

A well-designed website will answer all questions, reduce constant calls, increase internal productivity, and create a better customer experience and save time.


A well-designed website with quality content (SEO-Optimized) creates a sense of professionalism in prospects.

A professional brand website makes visitors and customers readily trust your brand and will never hesitate to contact you or recommend you to anyone who needs services or products offered by your brand.

• A Platform To Showcase Your Success

Your brand website is the perfect place to showcase your brand’s success, social media proof, professional certifications or awards, testimonials from existing customers.

Proofs and testimonials tend to convince prospects into buying your goods and services.

•Wider Audience

A website allows your brand, product, and services to be made known and available to many audiences worldwide.

As stated earlier, a well-designed business website with well-curated content (SEO-Optimized) ranks high on search engines.

Your content will be visible online to all customers or people searching for content regarding your brand across the globe.

•Minimize  Expenses

A business website cuts down the expenses you have to spend on your brand or business maintenance.

Your business website can be your shop and office where you advertise and sell your goods & services directly to customers. It minimizes the cost of paying rent, employee wages, advertisement, utility bills, etc.


Having a website for your brand can be a catalyst to experience a significant turnover in sales and lead generation to your business.

When creating a website for your business or brand, you have to research well and choose the most ideal for your brand.

Brand websites have so many advantages that you cannot afford to miss out on your business.

Leverage On Your Brand Website, Now Or Never

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