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We provide you with modest but premium writing services, We ensure that you receive nothing but the best writing service you have ever experienced.

Our Writing Services



We know exactly what your potential customers want and what hooks them to your product or business, and we can't wait to give you a feel. At Mesileum, we take a critical look at your brand/ products/ business and tell a compelling story about it to effect an instant action from your prospects. So, talk to us now to give your brand the awareness, presence, relevance, and sales margin it needs.

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Content Writing

Our SEO articles/blog contents and website content writing will be structured professionally with updated standards. All your web pages will be written in eye-catching headlines and attention-grabbing paragraphs. We’ll naturally use keywords that get your website noticed easily on Search Engine.


Creative Writing

At Mesileum, we have a handful of creative writers that understand the timely artistic effect of imageries on your storylines or ideas. We handle memoirs, autobiography, poetry, fiction (novels, short stories), and creative non-fiction to give them life. 


Technical Writing

Our technical writers are equipped with the latest research skills and updated regularly in a variety of niches to handle complex topics. We have done a good number of them relating but not limited to Programming, Coding, and Taxation. So, bring the complex topics no matter the niche and we are ready for some breaking-downs into satisfaction.


Ebook Writing

Here, we carefully draft a befitting outline for your book before writing it. This includes and is not limited to nonfiction, fiction, autobiography, memoir, children’s book, and topics from any niche. With our professional ebook ghostwriters, we are sure that you’re a step ahead of landing the bestselling badge on Amazon and Lulu; our portfolio says more.


Ancillary Services

We offer consultation services for your business or website on how you can take your business to the next level. Our internet business analysts always have a proposal for you to engage your visitors or customers more, definitely. They’re waiting for your message.


As existing businesses keep finding ways to stay on top of their games and startups seeking exposure, relevance, and visibility, there is a need for leverage. At Mesileum, we provide you an exquisite writing service that ranges from copywriting, KDP ebook ghostwriting, SEO content writing, technical writing, creative writing, and whatever revolves around writing. As a growing concern, we find pleasure in helping your business find loopholes and effective ways to outgrow these challenges. We make this possible through a proper analysis of your business model, website, and brand with respect to your competitors. With this, you get the exact leverage you need for your business to thrive in the competitive propensities around it.

Our Difference

These are the uniqueness that makes us stand out from our competitors.

Time Managment

we will take the pressure off your shoulder thereby saving you some time. we will also make sure nothing delays your delivery at the agreed deadline.

100% Original

we take your ideas to write only unique and 100% plagiarism-free content. no spinners. no unicode to hide plagiarism. to achieve this, we use premium checkers to ensure that you get original content.

Flexible Rates

at Mesileum, we do not compromise standards irrespective of the rates. all you need do is tell us your budget and we might just have a befitting package for you. our rates are cost-effective while you enjoy the writing service in real-time.

Accurate Writing

Mesileum, though domiciled in Nigeria, has a wide coverage of a satisfied client base all over the world. so, with our experienced writers who understand their respective fields, you can be sure of getting the best of content in Nigeria and beyond.

100% Copyright Transfer

as a writing agency in the know, we understand that each project is a ghostwriting job, as such, you own the full ownership after the acceptance of the work.

Publication-Ready Contents

we will take the stress away from you. how? for all our content, you do not have to go through any stretch. for example, our books come with FREE formatting in Kindle standards.

Easy To Read & Understand

our contents are written in a simple-to-read-and-understand manner for diction and flow. We understand that your target audience needs to grasps each sentence at first read and we owe you that at Mesileum.

Well-Structured Outlines

we come up with a well-structured outline of topics and ideas for your content which is subject to your approval. this way, we don’t waste your time or have to go back and forth before we satisfy you.

We Write Ideas

Tell us what your thought processes are and we’ll make other things happen. With our professional writers, all well-seasoned in their respective fields, we can assure you of a structured outline that meets your writing demands. So come, let’s write the ideas for you and touch your drafts with creativity that questions anything sub-standard.

Time Is Money

At Mesileum, we take the time allotted for your project seriously. We know you’re all booked for the week, or on vacation, or busy with other things, that’s why you should talk to us now. Our professional writers are always ready to maximize your time. We can’t wait to have you share your drafts with us, every second counts.

Location Is Everything

This is to ensure accountability and proximity to our amazing writing services. We always want to make sure you can locate us if you’re in Nigeria.